[gruppo]Average DDR citizens

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[gruppo]Average DDR citizens

Messaggio da komsomol » gio dic 05, 2019 9:37 pm

Hello, this is a common grouping for DDR collectors. Nothing extraordinary, I believe these two maried person could reprsent the average DDR-regime supporters.

I read somewhere (I can't find the text) that DDR created about 2-3000 orders, medals, distinctions and badges of all kinds.
So a normal citizen, of those who didn't choose to live apart (or against) the regime could be awarded an average of ten awards in his life: orders, medals, badges, diplomas.

Mr Turner was, I believe, a civil servant in a town hall. His awards are in the upper row, his spouse's in the lower row.

I believe it is a correct demonstration of this statistic.
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