CSM 133,741

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CSM 133,741

Messaggio da Tommy » mar dic 22, 2015 8:13 pm

Continuing todays theme of awards to Armenians :)

No record card could be found for this order but CSM #133741 was found on the medal roll to have been awarded by decree No.015/N of the 44th Army dated 25.10.1942.

Award Sheet

Last name, name, and patronymic: Chadranov, Ashot Effemovich
Duty Position: Line Supervisor
In the: 427th Separate Line Communication Battalion

Recommendation for the Medal for Bravery

1. Born: 1912
2. Nationality: Armenian
3. Party membership: Member of the Communist Party
4. Social Standing: Worker
5. Since when in the Red Army: Mobilized since 1941
6. Military Education: None
7. General Education: 9 Classes
8. Awards (for what): Crimean Front from 10.1.1942 to 18.5.1942
9. Inducted by which military commissariat: Ordzhonikidze Region Military Commissariat, City of Tbilisi 

Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

Line supervisor Corporal Chadranov, during the battle for the Kerch peninsula showed himself as the master of his profession, a steadfast and dedicated fighter for the motherland.
On 18.04.1942 in the area Akman - height 19.2 as a result of enemy aircraft the communication link over the pole line was broken 5 times and thanks to the courage of comrade Chadranov the link was quickly restored.
On 27th April 1942 whilst servicing the communication link he had to rebuild the destroyed link 3 times.
On 8th May 1942 under the effects of artillery - mortar fire and a raid from enemy aircraft whilst on the line, without fear of death, he faithfully fulfilled his military duty. On this day they eliminated 13 breaks. This ensured uninterrupted communication with the Command of the 47th Army.
Currently comrade Chadranov is on the line providing uninterrupted communication between the headquarters of the 44th Army and its subordinate parts. 
For his courage and bravery he is worthy of submission for the governmental award – the Medal for Bravery.

Commander of the 427th Separate Line Communication Battalion
Captain / [signed] / Makharadze

The recommendation was knocked down to a CSM further up the chain.
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