Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

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Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

Messaggio da Auke » dom ott 01, 2017 9:01 pm

It seems that citations from the summer months of 1941 are generally the most horrible, intense, and grim. Although the Soviets fought some vicious battles later on, many of the 1941 citations really give a sense of the desperation and tenacity exhibited during the war. I came across this posthumous Red Banner citation today and just wanted to share it.

I don't own the Red Banner; in fact, the Red Banner doesn't even exist, since posthumous Red Banners were never sent home to the next of kin. It remained a decoration 'on paper' and his next of kin received nothing but a death notification. Private Semyon Frolov died at the age of 23.
He is dedicated to the Party of Lenin and Stalin and the Socialist Motherland. Serving in the Battery as a gun layer, he was elected Secretary of the Battery's Komsomol Organization. He served as an example of a true and dignified Komsomol member, and for his exemplary efforts he was given a number of commendations. During the fighting on July 6 and 7, 1941, when the Battery was encircled by the enemy, comrade Frolov and one of the gun crew members fired case shot at point-blank range in direct fire mode, gunning down the enemy. A heap of dead German-fascist bodies, killed by his case shot, piled up in front of his gun, but suddenly the gun jammed. Facing an enemy onslaught, comrade Frolov withdrew toward a height, where he was wounded twice, in his stomach and arm, and from all sides he was surrounded by enemy troops. The fascists attempted to capture him alive, but our courageous Komsomol member remained dedicated to his motherland and his people until the end, killing 4 fascists at point-blank range with his rifle. He continued fighting the enemy, but at this point he was wounded a third time, in his right arm, and his rifle was knocked out of his hands. The despicable fascists surrounded him from all sides and tried to take our courageous soldier prisoner. Finding himself in a situation with no way out, comrade Frolov pulled a razor out of his boot with his left hand, shouting that Komsomol members do not surrender, and cut his own throat.

Because of his brave and courageous feats, comrade Frolov deserves to be granted the title of 'Hero of the Soviet Union' and to be awarded the Order of Lenin and the Gold Star Medal.

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Re: Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

Messaggio da Regaleco » dom ott 01, 2017 9:54 pm

I'm speechless, Auke. An heroic act of a young guy, for sure like many others during the fighting on both side, which demonstrates the horror of the War. Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

Messaggio da Egorka » dom ott 01, 2017 10:29 pm

I am speechless too...
Semyon Frolov KIA record.
Non hai i permessi necessari per visualizzare i file allegati in questo messaggio.
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Re: Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

Messaggio da filo » lun ott 02, 2017 12:49 am

Yes, the situation in 41, it was definitely difficult for the disorganized Soviet Army, acts of heroism, often wore to a tragic end...
With this, I congratulate with you, for pointing out this great act of individual heroism, and I add that it is always a pleasure to read you Auke, my frend. [278

Si, la situazione nel 41, era decisamente complicata per il disorganizzato esercito Sovietico, gli atti di eroismo, portavano spesso a una fine tragica degli stessi.
Con questo, mi congratulo con te, per aver evidenziato questa grande azione di eroismo individuale, ed aggiungo, che è sempre un piacere leggerti Auke, amico mio.
Sii il vento, e non la foglia - С уважением, filo [hatt

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Re: Posthumous ORB to Private Frolov

Messaggio da ruiz » ven dic 08, 2017 8:56 pm

....and cut his own throat....
he is hurt three times and not showing fear until the end...a bravery soldier. [argh