ORB 67.654 - Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach

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ORB 67.654 - Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach

Messaggio da Alvarez » mar set 29, 2020 9:10 pm

Hello everybody,

Today I come with a great order and great story.

Senior lieutenant Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach born in Ukraine in 1912, he was the commanding officer of a sapper company of the 404th Independent Sapper Battalion, in 236th Rifle Division. He was awarded with a ORB serial number 67.654 because he was one of the very first crossing the Dnieper river during the night of 25.09.1943 in the village called Soshinovka.

Brief description of the merits:
"Senior Lieutenant Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach was among the first to cross the Dnieper River as part of a shock group. Under his personal supervision his company cleared obstacles in the enemy defenses, and over a 24-hour period they fought off a number of enemy counterattacks. At a critical moment, while mining the avenues of approach for the advancing German tanks, he roused his sappers and the rifle units of the 814th Rifle Regiment to action through his audacious gumption. In a sudden strike he attacked the advancing Germans from the flank, as a result of which the enemy was thrown back more than a kilometer and the tanks ran onto the mines, thus creating the necessary conditions for our attacking infantry. During this battle, which took place on September 28, 1943 near the village of Soshinovka, his company killed more than 30 Germans. He himself killed 1 officer and 4 soldiers.

During subsequent engagements he repeatedly exhibited initiative, and aside from his immediate assignments pertaining to mining the front line he led his company in a counterattack against attacking enemy troops. Officer Sagach is a fearless and bold commander.

For a number of heroic deeds he deserves the highest level of distinction, the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

I have searched a little bit in google, in 236th rifle divison there are around 20 veterans awarded with the tittle of the Soviet Union because of the Dieper cross that night, almost all of the are veterans from the 496th reconnaissance company, (one from 814th Rifle Regiment but no one from the 404th Independent Sapper Battalion). In the 404th Independent Sapper Battalion there are 3 veterans proposed for the gold star but finaly got the order of red banner, one of them is Nikolai.

I think that it is quite known action of the war (Auly bridgehead) and it is described in some russian websites. Fo example in that link https://sobitie.com.ua/istoriya/podvig-razvedchikov some information of the 404th Independent Sapper Battalion is described as:

"The sappers of the 404th separate battalion managed to kindle signal lights on the steep slopes, indicating the landing sites. But the Dnieper was already under heavy fire. There was no artillery support for the crossing - the regiments had not yet arrived."

It seems tha a damm was built in the area of the crossing and nowadays the place has changed a bit. A monument to veterans who crossed the river at that point was erected in the area.


Note that some of the photos (the good ones) are from the seller, Matt Jansen.
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Re: ORB 67.654 - Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach

Messaggio da filo » sab ott 03, 2020 1:19 pm

[257 [264
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Re: ORB 67.654 - Nikolai Ustinovich Sagach

Messaggio da airfix » sab ott 03, 2020 5:20 pm

Stunning piece of history! [151