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ORB 87.424, Panov Pevel Konstantinovich

Inviato: mar feb 09, 2021 7:24 pm
da ruiz
Order of the Red Banner to Major PANOV PEVEL KONSTANTINOVICH, Commander of 5th ground assault squadron (ferrying), 3rd Naval Aviation School .

Born in 1909, in red army since 1931. Wounded on 22 October 1941 in an air battle. He was recommended by the Black sea Navy Airforce command in December 1941 for combat against the German invaders.
Order “Red Banner” for combat against White Finns in 1940. Gratitude from the Airforce commander of the Black sea Navy for excellent performance in ferrying the aircrafts IL-2 from the Kuibyshev to Novorossijsk in August 1942.

Order of Lenin, 3 Red banner, 1st class Patriotic War, 2 red stars, defense of Sebastopol and Odessa medals, Victory over germany.

Brief and specific description of the personal feat or merits

He has been commanding the ferrying squadron since May 1942 and took this responsibility very seriously. In order to deliver the aircrafts to their destination in good operational conditions, he ensured his pilots improved the skills and achieved good results: piloting techniques, navigation, knowledge of the IL-2 hardware. He personally lead the ferrying groups of 9 aircrafts to the Black sea Navy bases and to the Leningrad front without any incidents and in a shortest time possible, training his staff resilience for the long flights.
F.ex. on 29 July 1942, he ferried a group of 7 IL-2 aircrafts from Borsky to Bogoslov in just one day, having done 4 landings with refuelling and covering 1400km in 5 hours 10 minutes. This was done without food and resting breaks, but with the honourable feeling of the fulfilled duty.
There was a case, when a group of 9 aircrafts was ferried from Borsky to town Adler (Black sea) in 4 days, without any incidents and maintaining excellent aircraft condition, after having covered 3000km with 11 landings with refuelling (start 13 August, finish 17 August 1942). The commander of the Black sea Navy Airforce issued a gratitude to the whole squadron personnel.
In total from May 1942 till 28th of April 1943, the squadron has ferried 754 aircrafts towards the front line and the training airfields, kept the aircrafts in excellent condition, covering total of 384000km during 1337 flight hours, having done 1414 landings.
Personally, major PANOV has ferried 74 aircrafts during this period without any incidents. Of these flights: 1 ferrying trips over 3000km, 11 ferrying trips over 1000-2000km, 27 ferrying trips up to 1000km, 35 ferrying trips up to 100km. He covered total of 36000km in 128 hours and made 122 landings.
During the whole period of his squadron command, he had no political deputy and had to cover all the relevant political responsibilities himself. He organised the other Communists of the unit into a solid team, which yielded good results in political and moral health of the personnel.
He participated in the Black sea Navy Airforce combat operations during the Patriotic war since the very beginning. First, he flew on IL-2 aircrafts as a ordinary pilot. Later, since August 1941, he flew as the commander of 42 ground assault aviation squadron. He conducted 37 effecting combat sorties near the Perekop area. He was wounded in an air engagement on 22 October 1941.
He deserves a state award.

Head of the 3rd Naval Aviation School , Lt. Colonel ZLYGAREV.

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Inviato: mar feb 09, 2021 7:27 pm
da ruiz
The very nice ORB.

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Inviato: mar feb 09, 2021 7:28 pm
da ruiz
Panov Pevel Konstantinovich

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Inviato: gio feb 11, 2021 10:56 pm
da rocketscientist
Impressive award list and interesting citation, ruiz! I love those red banners with such low serial. [278

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Inviato: lun feb 15, 2021 9:05 pm
da ruiz
[264 [264
I´m investigating the points the citation gives.

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Inviato: mer mar 31, 2021 12:09 pm
da filo

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Inviato: lun mag 03, 2021 11:00 pm
da Pakkenen
A wonderful order. An unconventional and very impressive feat! It was very difficult!