Mikhail Petróvich Lyashenko

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Mikhail Petróvich Lyashenko

Messaggio da Alvarez » lun gen 13, 2020 7:17 pm

Hello everybody,

Documented group to Mikhail Petróvich Lyashenko, born in 1919 in Jarkov Oblast, Ukraine. He participates in the war a driver of the exploration group of the 139th Artillery Cannon Brigade and was awarded with following medals:
  • Medal for battle merits serial number 451.553 awarded on 01.09.1943
  • Medal for courage serial number 1.689.847 awarded on 21.10.1944
  • Order of red star serial number 2.707.074 awarded on 09.09.1945
  • Medal for capture of Konisberg
  • Medal for victory over Japan
Brief description of the reasons why he was awarded the medal for battle merits:
"Driver, you've mastered your specialty very well. On July 30th of the current year, the commanders sent the chief (impossible to decipher) 1497 to fulfill a special task.
With his work and labor, he reached a high note, receiving thanks for his work. Working without sleep, nor rest, under fire and bombardment from the enemy's artillery, he managed, if losses and in time, to carry out the job as it should be done.
He is disciplined and faithful to the party of Lenin and Stalin.

Brief description of the reasons why he was awarded the courage medal:
"On October 7, 1944, beside the town of Anchi, Comrade Lyashenko was standing with his car near the enemy when the enemy's counterattack began. Comrade Lyashenko arrived at his unit, took the combat gear and, making manoeuvres among the enemy, pulled the car and combat gear out of the enemy's fire. A piece of mine damaged the car and, risking his life under enemy fire, he repaired the car, thus saving the vehicle."

Brief description of the reasons why he was awarded the order of red star:
"In the battles against the Japanese samurai, Comrade Lyashenko showed examples of courage. After our units had crossed the border into Manchuria, he drove the car resolutely across the steppe, without water, managing to pass the B. Hingana mountain, thus ensuring that the team and section managed to get there. Three times he took the staff from other batteries and also helped to repair a car on the way. Throughout the period of the march didn't have a single fault. Near the 918.5 altitude and near Jalun-Arshan it was under fire of the Japanese soldiers, in spite of this, it took in time the group of exploration to the place of concentration guaranteeing the work of exploration on the enemy.
Showing initiative and courage in the fire of the warehouse near Uchagou, he took out 11 barrels of gasoline and 1 barrel of lubricant providing fuel to the group.

I hope you like it.
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Re: Mikhail Petróvich Lyashenko

Messaggio da SergioV » lun gen 13, 2020 8:07 pm

Nice group Alvarez [278
Кто к нам с мечом придет тот от меча и погибнет

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Re: Mikhail Petróvich Lyashenko

Messaggio da komsomol » lun gen 13, 2020 9:45 pm

Superb group: all three written awards of the booklet present, so a "complete group"... patina and ribbon wearing are consistent. Great! [278